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I was Mason @ Otakon and I had made his mask and had a creepy pig puppet. But my Hannibal ppls were gone except one person! It was still fun though. So I drew my costume version of Mason while in line for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (don’t get me started).

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Hannibal Lecter getting a hand cramp right in the middle of hand-writing his pretentious calligraphy dinner invites.

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Laurence Fishburne, July 30th

Happy Birthday to the boss, Jack Crawford! Hope your birthday is spent somewhere other than in the pantry. Unless that’s where you want to celebrate. In that case, cool. 

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Full panel

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shake it off, keep on looking

or: two utterly pointless gifs of will graham/hugh dancy looking glorious

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I can’t believe how much people fell in love with Chilton this season,” Esparza effused. “I love playing the part because he’s a total douchebag.
- (x)
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Why aren’t the stars of Hannibal here?
Not a very stellar lineup: creator Bryan Fuller, yes, and, hey, Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson, but no Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy. Huh? What excuse can those two possibly have to skip meeting and greeting their most ardent (read: only) fans? Okay, Hugh is shooting some miniseries with Sam Worthington in Australia. Fine. But Mads? - Vulture

this is so gross and js i’ve seen so much of this sentiment going around tumblr. god forbid mads should have like ten minutes with his family after shooting hannibal all year, not to mention he’s doing two mini conventions in low-key locations just to meet fans. from firsthand experience i can tell you he always takes time to make us happy. i can’t believe someone is legitimately employed at vulture to write this bs. 

Also acting like Hugh and Mads are both unsuccessful or unknown anywhere outside of Hannibal or (assuming) the US. When both actors aren’t even from here and clearly have fanbases across the seas. Also “some miniseries”, as though this series isn’t worth any time and is somehow less important. Someone at Vulture is clearly bitter (and immature). 

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I was going to wait until after SDCC to share these but they are JUST TOO CUTE! The amazing jaimiedrawsthings did these fab bookmarks for our SDCC Cast/Crew thank you goodie bags, and I couldn’t be more impressed! Thank you SO much for all your amazingly hard work, I already got to share with thefannibalfeed and they loved them! <3

Jaimie does every bookmark by hand and worked her rear off for this, I cannot thank her enough! Want one of your own? Check out Jaimie’s shop!


Guys… tiny Hannibal seems to have let himself out of his box.

You know what that means? HE’S GOING TO COMIC-CON!

We’re chronicling tiny Hannibal’s adventures to San Diego all week with the hashtag #EatTheCon on Twitter and Tumblr. Follow him along, watch out for clues and YOU could win your very own SDCC Exclusive Hannibal Funko Doll!

Details to come.

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