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counsellingcannibal asked: Most likely you were dreaming from a Jack Crawford perspective because you had a sense of wanting to protect Bella. Since it is a short draft, I can only come to this conclusion. If you want a deeper analysis I can help if you remember more details on it. The only issue is limitation by ask box. Feelings before sleep, which side you fell asleep on, what was on your mind that day, things like that can enter your dreams and denote what stresses or joys we've had in the last twenty four hours.

Unfortunately that was all I could remember (and especially now after two weeks). I have wild and surreal dreams all the time (and I am a lucid dreamer as well) so I am constantly analyzing my dreams in this way and have become an expert when it comes to my own dream symbols/etc. I feel it must have been myself wanting Bella to be ok and making sure she was ok and changing the dream to ensure that would be the case. Super weird though!

Thanks for the offer though!

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One-Word Hannibal AU Suggestions!

I am once more taking one-word suggestions for AUs, let me know of any ideas you have! (Okay they can be a small set of words lol) You will of course be credited with the idea in the AU! These are for my photoset AUs.

I am almost done with my semester and will have time to create more AUs, so I wanted to see what you guys might like to see. Although I have to admit I have to also be inspired by the idea to some degree. 

Some of these have been really awesome, I think one of them was Professor and that one I loved doing.

Thank you guys ;u;

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and now it’s time for…BEHIND THE AU!! what.

trivia: the second scenery image in my latest roommate au is actually of baltimore and i took it myself during otakon last year…where i was dressed up as fem!hannibal

and that was this episode of…BEHIND THE AU!! what

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a dream from like 2 weeks ago that i had saved in my drafts

I had a dream last night that I was Jack Crawford and Bella was with me and we were in Hannibal’s ‘house’, and he had trapped us in a room. But the room had windows…and Bella was like “we can’t get out of the windows!” but (preface: i lucid dream so im always changing things so hell yeah we could get out of the windows) so I opened the window and punched out the screen and climbed out and dropped down and helped Bella down. 

And we got away from Hannibal.

Discussion Questions: Why did I dream I was Jack? Why. What.

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HE LOOKS NORMAL…AND NOBODY CAN TELL WHAT HE IS. I’ve decided to delete and repost this. I truly hate drama and when it’s attached on something - once again…this is how I envision this blog.

I would like everyone to please ignore the reblog of my last doodle. It’s some kid who does that to a lot of artists. I actually thought it was someone who had the same idea as me and I got excited, thinking we both drew the same idea and could laugh about it, but nope, it’s a troll. I checked out the kids tag and its got other artists who he did this to. Please ignore it if you take notice to it, also they use really harsh slurs. 

Thank you. 

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new icon…it was time for a change…what do yall think?

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Inspired by this post by @imaginefrederickchilton.

also #singtherude people.

Will and Chilton discover that their new neighbor may be a serial killer…

So here’s the story. I set this all up and decided it would look a lot better colored. But I had zero patience and screwed up the watercolor and ruined the entire comic. At least I have it as it was…anyway, this is based on my Roomate AU and also from this scene of The Burbs. The first time I saw that scene I laughed SO hard.


as evening fell, and chilton finally stopped paced up and down the hallways, rambling about hannibal lector and the inept fbi (“i have one kidney! i use a cane! i can barely tie my own shoes, much less murder anyone!’), will warmed up some leftover pasta and they ate in…